• Brookview Farm, Goshen, NY

  • Moodna Viaduct, New Windsor, NY

  • Winding Hills Park, Montgomery, NY

  • United States Military Academy at West Point

  • Storm King Art Center, New Windsor, NY

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Admissions Kevin F. Preston 845.343.3000
Bankruptcy Courts & Practices Simon D. Haysom, Lawrence M. Klein 845.294.3596, 845-565-2100
By-Law Frank Zeccola 845.294.2544
Continuing Legal Education Sarah Jo Hamilton 914.725.2801
Elder Law Glen Heller 845.561.0550
Ethics Richard Greenblatt 845.486.0300
Family Law & Courts Carla S. Wise 845.291.7077
Grievance Glen A. Plotsky 845.856.4444
Judiciary Glen A. Plotsky 845.856.4444
Municipal Law Howard Protter 845.778.2121
Nominating Past President
Speakers Bureau Michael L. Fox 845.778.2121

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